Missing Links
3 Seasons . 42 Episodes

There is a new world emerging. It’s time to embrace a new way of thinking. Explore the deep truths of our origin, history, destiny and fate, with celebrated author and luminary Gregg Braden.

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Missing Links (Preview)

Explore the deep truths of our origin, history, destiny and fate, with celebrated author and luminary Gregg Braden.

Season 1 - Full Season New Available Connect science and spirituality to reveal a new understanding of humanity’s history, the origins of civilization and the power of our heart’s intelligence.

Season 2 - Full Season Now Available Are we living in a virtual reality? Discover the societal and spiritual implications that arise when we recognize our world as an artificially constructed computer simulation.

Season 3 - Full Season Now Available Discover the Divine Matrix, how it influences you, and how you can influence it. This could dramatically improve your life, your wellbeing, and the lives of all of those around you.

Season 3 ends with three inspirational conversations between Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton.

Host: Gregg Braden
Episode 1
29 mins
In this inaugural episode, Gregg Braden guides us through the evidence which charts the simultaneous peaking of economic, human conflict and solar cycles. The rise and fall in each of these cycles holds major implications for our civilization.
Episode 2
28 mins
Historical narratives which are accepted as truth are no longer holding up to new evidence. Gregg Braden explores the six perennial questions pertaining to human origins and zeros in on the discoveries which are beginning to overturn what was once held true.
Episode 3
27 mins
We have been taught that we are all separate from each other and separate from the worlds around us. Now new scientific discoveries are confirming that we are all connected.
Episode 4
31 mins
New evidence of ancient civilizations pushes the narrative of human origins into a time period that many historians are not comfortable with. These discoveries are not limited to the Earth, as photographs from the moon reveal many more out-of-place artifacts.
Episode 5
31 mins
New results to old experiments are challenging some firmly established scientific assumptions. We explore the results of cutting edge experiments which confirm that all things are contained within a field which can be influenced by our emotions and innermost beliefs.
Episode 6
29 mins
How deeply are we connected? Two experiments, conducted by prominent scientists, reveal that the arrangement of photons and DNA can be directly influenced by human emotions. These findings give us a means for understanding the mechanisms behind prayer, remote healing and miracles.
Episode 7
33 mins
In the field of quantum mechanics, everything remains as a potential, until observed. It is this act of observation which brings the potential into the realm of the actual. The same holds true at the level of life and community, as the quantum link applies to prayers, remote healings and miracles.
Episode 8
30 mins
Charles Darwin, lauded for his genius in developing the theory of evolution, knew that one day his theory would fall. That day may have finally come. Gregg Braden explores the DNA evidence which reveals a new story for human evolution.
Episode 9
30 mins
Gregg Braden compares the chromosomes of great apes with human beings and presents us with startling evidence that something happened to intentionally produce anatomically modern humans. This is not evolution nor creationism. Rather it is suggestive of a third option: directed mutation.
Episode 10
30 mins
Alfred Wallace, a contemporary of Charles Darwin, stated that nature never over-endows a species beyond its needs for existence. But humanity is indeed genetically over-endowed. Gregg Braden expounds upon the science underlying the untapped human potential, which becomes active when the heart and brain work in harmony.
Episode 11
31 mins
Now that we understand that humankind has been endowed with extraordinary abilities, we can begin to explore how to awaken these hidden potentials within our lives.
Episode 12
30 mins
Now we can learn how to apply what we have learned about the heart-brain connection to life itself and uncover the secret to self-healing and extended lifespan. Gregg Braden explains how you can achieve heart-brain harmony to unlock the mechanisms which bring you healthy and vibrant longevity.
Episode 13
30 mins
Gregg Braden examines Prophecy Rock from the Hopi people, and we discover that their advice for mutual aid is confirmed by the science which shows us that cooperation is essential for ensuring humanity’s continuation.
Episode 14
31 mins
In this season finale of Missing Links, we find that we truly have a reason to be optimistic that we will see a peaceful planet within our lifetime. We can make changes within the magnetic fields of our hearts and brains, which in turn, affect the Earth’s magnetic field and all of humanity.
Episode 15
34 mins
As a continuation of season one, Gregg Braden addresses the changing state of our economy and offers advice on how to thrive a world that that is to come. But we must be honest about what we want this world to look like and what it will take to get there.
Episode 16
31 mins
In order to thrive in our changing world, we need to make a fundamental shift in thinking, which will come through conscious education and parenting. Gregg Braden explains that education is the key to solving every problem mentioned throughout the first season.
Episode 17
32 mins
Gregg Braden lays out four things that we can do to adapt our lifestyles to these changing times and thrive in the world that is to come. These are simple changes we can enact which will enable us to thrive in a new world of our own conscious creating.
Episode 18
30 mins
Gregg Braden returns to Missing Links to answer many of the questions posed by viewers. In this first Q&A episode he addresses your concerns about climate change and DNA which have defined, and are redefining what it means to be human.
Episode 19
29 mins
More questions mean more answers from Gregg Braden. This time we explore the intricacies of the heart-brain connection. We start to see how science and spirituality are becoming deeply connected.
Episode 20
29 mins
Gregg Braden answers your questions concerning the history of humanity, where we come from and where we may be going. Who we believe that we are is a story that we have been told, and it is not true – we must rediscover who we really are.