Missing Links
Season 2 . 6 Episodes

There is a new world emerging. It’s time to embrace a new way of thinking. Explore the deep truths of our origin, history, destiny and fate, with celebrated author and luminary Gregg Braden.

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S2:Ep1, Evidence of Our Simulated Reality (Preview)
Missing Links (Trailer)
Episode 1
33 mins
Are we living in a virtual reality? Discover the societal and spiritual implications that arise when we recognize our world as an artificially constructed computer simulation.
Episode 2
34 mins
If we are living in a simulated reality, who put us here and for what reason? Gregg Braden breaks down the three scenarios that present a possible relationship between our inner world and the external energy field that contains all life.
Episode 3
34 mins
Gregg Braden explores two schools of thought concerning our cosmic simulation. Examine Earth's potential role as an incubator and the esoteric mysteries that may unlock our human potential, shifting us into a reality where thought and emotion are instantly manifested.
Episode 4
28 mins
If our universe operates like a giant computer, can we rewrite the programming to alter our experience? Discover how to work with the fractal codes of energy that influence all biology, emotions and relationships by examining indigenous cultures and spiritual traditions.
Episode 5
26 mins
Physics is now proving through quantum entanglement that all life originated from one source, and is therefore forever energetically connected. See how karma, biology and human civilization play a role in this entanglement, as every individual shift in emotion, belief and action is experienced and processed by the collective.
Episode 6
36 mins
In this final episode of Season 2, we explore who or what exists on the other side of our simulated reality. Whether the proverbial heaven or a catastrophic reality, Gregg Braden examines the cycles of humanity to shed light on our creation and purpose, and the tools needed to prepare us for life on the other side.