1 Season . 13 Episodes TV-PG

Unlock the most supernatural version of yourself with Dr Joe Dispenza's formula for rewiring the brain.

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Rewired (Preview)

What’s the best way to break free of past programming and step into a new future? Bestselling author Dr Joe Dispenza combines decades of research into human biology, epigenetics, and quantum mechanics to present a process for rewiring the brain and creating new experiences. In this Gaia Original series, Dr Joe Dispenza illuminates the science of change and reveals how to fully harness the power of heart-brain coherence. Unlock the most supernatural version of yourself with his formula for reprogramming the brain.

Dr Joe Dispenza is the author of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Becoming Supernatural, and You Are the Placebo. He also provides guided meditations on his website, including The Pineal Gland, The Blessing of the Energy Centers, and Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind.

Audio Languages: English, German, Spanish, French
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, German
26 mins TV-PG
Discover the connection between thoughts and emotions.
25 mins TV-PG
Break the thinking-feeling-thinking loop to create a new future.
24 mins TV-PG
Harness the power of the present moment to break free of the past.
24 mins TV-PG
Overcome chronic stress and create a new reality.
24 mins TV-PG
Unlock the power of heart-brain coherence.
26 mins TV-PG
Reprogram your genes with clear intentions and elevated emotions.
27 mins TV-PG
Harness the placebo effect to align with the future you desire.
26 mins TV-PG
Open your heart to the unknown to start building internal coherence.
27 mins TV-PG
Transcend the limits of time and space by creating from the field of pure consciousness.
29 mins TV-PG
Activate the neurochemistry of the pineal gland through a specific breathing technique.
30 mins TV-PG
Explore the transcendent states and biological upgrades that can occur with pineal gland activations.
31 mins TV-PG
Access the power of time-space where an internal focus can lead to profound external shifts.
29 mins TV-PG
Tune into the frequency of your desires with full-body coherence from the root chakra up to the crown chakra.