Vedic, Taoist, and Buddhist tantric traditions, to name a few, have long recognized a complex system of subtle energy centers in the human body called "chakras," Sanskrit for "wheel" or "circle." The most common chakra system taught in the west is the 7-chakra Muladhara system, in which chakras are located along the body’s front-central axis. These energy centers are the heart of the subtle, or energy body. Many practitioners cultivate and open the chakra system with yogic practices and meditation. Explore the benefits and techniques for developing the chakras, including balancing the body’s subtle and gross elements, taming runaway emotions and reactivity; even spiritual illumination. "Various chakras are like physical seeds. If they are given particular aspects of energy in accordance with their nature, they can bloom, seed, and reach their higher level of fulfillment." ~ Rudrananda

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