Before modern history, petroglyphs interpreted to be depictions of UFOs and extraterrestrials were left on the Indian Subcontinent, Australia, Europe, and North America. Throughout the renaissance and beyond, master painters were apparently free to depict what we refer to as UFOs in religious paintings. Airborne objects in these works are particularly remarkable considering human mechanical flight had not been invented. These depictions, now part of the historic record, beg the question; “Why has the presence of UFOs been denied by 20th cen. governments and military agencies? Why has our government classified research and events such as the 1947 Roswell crash? Why is the entire topic stamped "top secret?" Explore Gaia’s wealth of UFO content to learn the backstories of UFO activity world-wide, as well as official tactics to suppress information and discredit witnesses. "I don’t laugh at people anymore when they say they’ve seen UFOs. I’ve seen one myself." ~ President Jimmy Carter

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