Psionics and Open Contact

Cosmic Disclosure with Emery Smith
S13:Ep1330 minsJuly 6, 2021

What will it take for humanity to be ready for Open Contact? Tim, Tactical Advisor from Germany, suggests that psionics is the reason we will have full Disclosure. Psionics, the science of developing our psychic abilities, enhances our perceptions so that we can interact with the living field more intentionally. Anyone can utilize psionics, however, we need to realize that we are part of the field of intelligence. When this awareness happens, we are better equipped vibrationally to receive Open Contact.

Tim is a new Disclosure insider who is a Tactical Advisor within the covert governance in Germany whose job is to analyze, anticipate, and suggest various strategies connected to extraterrestrial groups in contact with Earth.

Instructor/Host: Emery Smith
Featuring: Tim Tactical Advisor
Video Language: English