A Secret History of Stonehenge

Across the British Isles, during the Pre-Diluvian era, there was a geophysical and geomantic survey of the British Isles, and standing stones were raised to mark sensitive geological areas. Remarkably, the area that would eventually contain Stonehenge was selected as it is where numerous ley lines cross, connecting the area to Atlantis, the Egyptian pyramids, and beyond. Powerful earth energies emissions can still be felt today, and several timber temples were raised. Centuries passed, and the Stonehenge that we recognize was finally constructed. But the version of Stonehenge that we are familiar with is not the original design, as stone settings that did not fit the known model during its modern reconstruction phase were buried. Some were stolen and others smashed. Dowser Maria Wheatley relocates the lost megaliths to reveal the original breathtaking stone temple.

Host: Maria Wheatley
Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English