Stone Circle Time Portals

Ancient Civilizations
S3:Ep828 minsMarch 1, 2021

Many stone circles around the world bear strong resemblances to each other and would have been used in similar ways; primarily as the hub of ceremonial activities. As our team of investigators delve into the mysteries of sites like Adams Calendar, Gobekli Tepe, and Stonehenge, we see that they also could have been used to communicate with ascended ancestors, extraterrestrials, and multiple interdimensional intelligences. The strange acoustic properties built into their materials and design could have produced altered states of consciousness, created tears between time periods acting as a time portal, and even producing an antigravity effect.

Featuring: Micheal Tellinger, Andrew Collins, William Henry, Gregg Braden, Jack Cary, Matias De Stefano, Maria Wheatley, Sonja Grace, Fredy Silva
Video Language: English