Addiction (Liliane Desjardins) – Part 2
World of Wisdom with Carolyn Craft

Do you or someone you know have addictions or destructive attachments? When we think of addiction we often think of the visible signs of addiction to a substance. In fact, an addiction is any deep attachment that stymies growth.

Liliane Desjardins of Pavilion International describes three types of attachment: power and control, security, and sensation. She explains that these are “not enough” syndromes: one can believe that a substance isn’t enough, as well as that they, their family, their family's love or their life is not enough.

Desjardins explains how to recover from addictions and stuck energy by transforming the spirit and overcoming fear.

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Host: Carolyn Craft
Featuring: Liliane Desjardins
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English