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Synchronicity as Spiritual Guidance (Mark Thurston) (Preview)

Interviews with leaders in the metaphysical field ranging from holistic medicine to mystical journeys. You will learn how to achieve inner peace and reach your spiritual goal. You will also improve your health, mental outlook and overall well-being

Featuring: Dr. Jay Glaser, Bill Turner, Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, Dr. Henry Reed, Michael, Justine Toms, Mark Thurston, Bill Defoore, Michael and Justine Toms, Gabrielle Roth, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Elda Hartley, Linda MacKenzie, Ilona Selke, David Myers, Michel Labreche, Barbara Brennam, Liliane Desjardins, Catherine Lenard, Alice Anne Parker, Guy Finley, Brian Luke Seaward, Susan G. Shumsky, Ashraf Moghal, Corinne Edwards
Episode 1
23 mins
Mark Thurston, executive director of the Edgar Cayce Foundation and the author of Synchronicity as Spiritual Guidance, discusses the spiritual guidance that is available within the self and how to access it in times of questions.
Episode 2
22 mins
Bill Defoore, president of the Institute for Personal and Professional Development, discusses how to use emotional intelligence to bring love and lasting prosperity to the family, the businesses, and the world as a whole.
Episode 3
23 mins
With host Corinne Edwards, Justine and Michael Toms from New Dimensions Radio and Wisdom Radio discuss how they followed their passion to start New Dimensions Radio and what they have learned from the experience.
Episode 4
23 mins
Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, author of Awakening Intuition, shares her personal experience of being both a doctor and a medical intuitive, and explains that everyone has intuition.
Episode 5
22 mins
Dr. Henry Reed, author of Your Mind: Unlocking Your Hidden Powers, discusses how one can use dream analysis to understand the mind's hidden gifts.
Episode 6
22 mins
With host Carolyn Craft, Michael and Justine Toms, co-authors of True Work: The Sacred Dimension of Earning a Living, begin their discussion of finding meaning in everyday work.
Episode 7
22 mins
With host Carolyn Craft, Michael and Justine Toms continue their discussion on the sacred dimension of earning a living.
Episode 8
23 mins
Gabrielle Roth, author of Sweat Your Prayers, explores spiritual healing through rhythm and dance.
Episode 9
22 mins
Linda Arnold's full interview of Dr. Christiane Northrup at the Empowering Women Conference explaining holistic healing for women.
Episode 10
23 mins
Host Linda Arnold interviews Elda Hartley, film producer and author of Perennial Wisdom, about the commonality between the world’s religions and holistic health.
Episode 11
23 mins
With host Marilyn McGuire, Justine and Michael Toms, authors of True Work, discuss discovering your gifts so that you can share them with the world.
Episode 12
23 mins
Linda MacKenzie, a holistic health practitioner, shares her experiences and beliefs as a God-based psychic.
Episode 13
23 mins
Linda MacKenzie, a holistic health practitioner and author of Inner Insights: The Book of Charts, discusses her experiences and beliefs as a God-based psychic.
Episode 14
22 mins
Ilona Selke, her partner Don Paris, and Dr. Rod Newton offer the Living from Vision course, designed to help you discover ways to access your inner wisdom with practical results.
Episode 15
22 mins
Mark Thurston, author of Millennium Prophecies, discusses his book, the work of Edgar Cayce and predictions for the 21st century.
Episode 16
23 mins
Mark Thurston discusses how to become more open to synchronicities as a guide to your life.
Episode 17
23 mins
With David Myers, author of Heartful Parenting, Host Linda Rachel discusses integrating emotional intelligence and parenting.
Episode 18
22 mins
Michel Labreche discusses the wizard inside us all, that which can access our inner magic and can tap into our source to become a creator.
Episode 19
23 mins
Liliane Desjardins of Pavilion International discusses understanding addictions and their sources.
Episode 20
21 mins
Catherine Lenard, author of All I Ever Wanted..., talks about her journey from money to enlightenment.
Episode 21
23 mins
Guy Finley, author of The Intimate Enemy: Winning the War within Yourself, discusses finding the true inner self and silencing the potentially destructive voices.
Episode 22
23 mins
Host Linda Rachel talks with Guy Finley, author of Intimate Enemy, about how he found his spiritual self.