Alien Life and Where to Find It

49 mins2018
Featuring: Benjamin Field, Claire Cousins, Ian Crawford, Matthew Wills, Dave Waltham, Charles Cockell, Manish Patel, Alan Penny

Alien Life is a cutting-edge scientific documentary uncovering the latest developments in astro-biological research, which leads to the first ever CGI creation of what alien life looks like. Every day scientists discover more and more about life, not only outside of our planet but on it as well. Using this new research astro-biologists are able to deduce not only where life may be found but also, what it will look like.

This documentary walks through the process for discovering planets across the universe and how uncovering new information leads to greater understanding of life, not only on Earth but on other planets too. For the first time ever this research has been used to digitally create a lifelike representation of alien life.