Ancient Secrets in DNA with Gregg Braden

Could it be true that all of the strife, conflict and wars that have ravaged humanity stem from an illusion that we are all separate beings struggling to survive in a hostile world? The truth of our reality, and our unity, may be concealed in the most unlikely of places. Gregg Braden believes he has found a connection between ancient languages and our DNA that may be the secret to dispelling the illusion of separateness in this interview with George Noory.

Gregg Braden is a New York Times best-selling author whose pioneering work bridges science and spirituality. A 2015 Templeton Award Nominee, he has explored high mountain villages, remote monasteries, and forgotten texts in order to merge their timeless secrets with the best science of today. His latest book, The Turning Point: Creating Resilience in a Time of Extremes, calls us to recognize that every crisis can become a moment of transformation.

Host: George Noory
Featuring: Gregg Braden
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English