Beyond Belief
24 Seasons . 557 Episodes

Join George Noory, from Coast to Coast AM, each week, as we explore the amazing and unusual world we live in. He brings us thought-provoking discussions on paranormal phenomena, conspiracies and all things unexplained.

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Join George Noory, from Coast to Coast AM, each week, as we explore the amazing and unusual world we live in. Tap into the minds of experts in their field who work tirelessly to unravel the greatest mysteries. Join us for thought-provoking discussions on paranormal phenomena, conspiracies and all things unexplained.


Host: George Noory
Episode 1
49 mins
Hear how the world’s most powerful Ag biotech companies bluff and mislead critics, and put the health of society at risk.
Episode 2
58 mins
Does the end of the Mayan calendar really mean the end of days?
Episode 3
57 mins
Is it only a matter of time before people are micro-chipped for 24/7 tracking?
Episode 4
55 mins
How do we find evidence of the spirit world? Paranormal investigator Joshua Warren shares the tools and technology he uses to find ghosts.
Episode 5
55 mins
Can one unusual skull prove the existence of aliens on earth? Researcher Lloyd Pye shares his remarkable findings.
Episode 6
56 mins
Cancer is one of the leading health concerns, today. It is good to know that there are many things that you can do to help prevent and cure cancer. Dr. Leonard Coldwell explains the latest tips and treatments.
Episode 7
58 mins
Many people claim to have had astounding revelations from past lives while others remain skeptical. Is possible that the soul reincarnates and what lessons can we learn from past life regression? Dr. Bruce Goldberg, a clinical hypnotherapist and author of, The Search for Grace and Astral Voyages, explains.
Episode 8
58 mins
When a loved one is near death the body may be near its end, but the soul is alive in the light. There may be lessons we can learn from people on their deathbeds as they are so close to the spirit world. Dannion Brinkley, author of Saved by the Light, shares what he’s learned from near-death experiences.
Episode 9
57 mins
Science has yet to discover all of the species of life here on planet Earth. Of the species yet to be discovered, we may be in for some big surprises. CryptoHunter John Rhodes explains his search for mysterious creatures from reptilian-humanoids to big foot and the Loch Ness monster.
Episode 10
53 mins
There are over 180,000 documented cases of people transforming into a "light body" after death. Once only accessible to those working with advanced spiritual disciplines, anyone may now be able to transform into a rainbow body. David Wilcock, author of The Source Field Investigations, shares his perspective.
Episode 11
56 mins
We all have the ability to reach beyond the veil to communicate with those who have died. It may be easier than you thought and you may already be doing it. Well-known medium James Van Praagh shares how to fine-tune your extrasensory perception to speak with spirits.
Episode 12
1 hr
The ancient ways of bringing about positive changes to heart, mind and home are once again becoming accepted practices as the season of the witch begins to unfold anew. Practicing witch Fiona Horne explains Wicca and how magic spells can influence your world in positive ways.
Episode 13
1 hr 1 min
Finding the ideal life partner can be one of the greatest challenges we may face. It’s good to know, that while you are searching, your soul mate is out there looking for you, too. Let Beverly Hills matchmaker, Marla Martenson teach you how to attract your soul mate.
Episode 14
1 hr
Despite countless eyewitness accounts, the U.S. government has never officially declared the nature of UFOs. Is there proof that some UFOs have been alien visitors? Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, the original civilian investigator of the Roswell Incident, reveals the secret history of UFOs.
Episode 15
59 mins
The future is a mysterious place full of endless possibilities. Fortunately for us, some people have the intuition and tools, such as cards and astrology, to reveal the light of what has yet to come. Joseph Jacobs, called the psychic to the psychics, explains psychic readings and shares his insights for the year ahead.
Episode 16
59 mins
No other piece of Christian history has stirred more controversy than the Shroud of Turin. Though it is the single most studied artifact in human history, its origins remain a mystery. Barrie Schwortz, the original documenting photographer of the Shroud of Turin, reveals the secrets he has discovered.
Episode 17
1 hr 1 min
Wild speculation has grown about the governments’ involvement with extraterrestrial life. There are only a few people who know the truth. Investigative reporter Paola Leopizzi Harris shares her views of the political implications of hidden contact with intelligent alien species.
Episode 18
1 hr
Throughout time, the truth about the Ark of the Covenant has become lost; replaced by conjecture and speculation. However, it may actually be part of a larger, supernaturally powerful Judgment Day device. Investigative mythologist William Henry reveals the Ark of the Covenant's secret purpose.
Episode 19
55 mins
Do numbers have special meanings that can give insights to romance, career, and future events? If so what do your numbers mean? Find out what your numbers are and what they reveal with the Numbers Lady, Glynis McCants.
Episode 20
59 mins
A sense of urgency is growing to assess the looming threat that asteroids pose to our planet. The truth is, we do not know when one will hit the Earth, but it is a certainty. Planetary scientist Dan Durda discusses possibilities of a true cosmic catastrophe and the near future of space exploration.
Episode 21
1 hr 1 min
A hidden world full of fairies, ghosts and angels, among other things, coexists with our own mundane world. Rosemary Ellen Guiley, an expert on all things paranormal, discusses paranormal investigations, different types of spirits and interactions, techniques for spiritual communication and much more.
Episode 22
59 mins
The White Light Express was born when a few friends gathered to focus intention and prayer to bring about abundance and healing for those who were in need. Sarah Nash presents stories of success and simple ways you can make positive changes in your life using the white light, meditation, and prayer.
Episode 23
59 mins
Awakening the dormant brain dramatically increases your intelligence and creativity as well as releases your mind’s paranormal abilities like telepathy and telekinesis. Researcher Neil Slade discusses the role of the amygdala and how to activate the human brain's routes of paranormal experience.
Episode 24
1 hr
Advancements in technology are unlocking the secrets of the brain. Dr. Nick Begich brings to light technologies and techniques that could open hidden possibilities of the mind and awaken the next evolution for mankind or usher in a new era of thought control.
Episode 25
1 hr 1 min
Most of our reality is unseen and comprised of subtle energy that holds a powerful influence over the physical world. We can learn to tap into this energy for healing and manifestation. Intuitive healer, Cyndi Dale describes the anatomy of the soul and how to direct subtle energy for our greatest good.
Episode 26
1 hr
We all are vitally dependent upon electricity for our everyday needs. If the electricity is permanently shut off, we are woefully unprepared. History Professor, William R. Forscthen explains what we can do to ensure the safety and survival of our loved ones, should we ever face the threat of an EMP.
Episode 27
59 mins
Media expert Marc Zicree is a Twilight Zone scholar, and has cataloged every episode ever made in his book, The Twilight Zone Companion.In this fun and dynamic interview, Zicree shares his behind-the-scenes knowledge of the classic series.
Episode 28
1 hr
What if you could instantly remember everything you ever experienced, right down to the time and day? There are only 12 people in the world that have been documented with such ability. Actress and author, Marilu Henner explains how her unforgettable memory affects her life, career and health.