Angels of Atlantis

Bearing various names of splendor, these advanced Light Beings have moved through the ages, since before the fall of Atlantis. Hidden from our view, they have patiently waited until we call on them in times of great need, such as this current era. Stewart Pearce has helped numerous people to connect with these unique Orb Wanderers – The Angels of Atlantis - and in this interview he shares how you can call upon them for a very unique purpose.

Stewart Pearce, author of The Angels of Atlantis, The Alchemy of Voice, The Hearts Note and the Angel Heart Sigils Oracle, is an international Sound Healer, Master of Voice, and Angel Medium. Stewart also has world-renowned status as a voice & performance coach, with a career spanning over three decades. His current work includes coaching people to understand that we each have a unique signature sound - the song of our soul - leading to the I AM PRESENCE.

Featuring: Stewart Pearce
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English