Atlantis & Indigenous Tribes of America

How are the tribal people of Northern America connected to the ancient civilization of Atlantis and Lemuria? Regression therapist and QHHT practitioner Sarah Breskman Cosme shares her clients' perspectives of their past lives from Atlantis to the Native American tribes.

Cosme brings this story to you with the voice of Aniwaya, a Native American man from the 1800s, who from the Trail of Tears, speaks through a female client under hypnosis. Aniwaya describes how the native people of America lost their traditions and how these practices and knowledge of ancient times can be regained as we reach out to understand our deep human past.

Sarah Breskman Cosme is the author of the book A Hypnotist's Journey from the Trail to the Star People. Her previous interviews on Gaia are: Waves of Karma from Atlantis, Regression to Atlantis, Atlantean Secrets of the Sphinx.

Featuring: Sarah Breskman Cosme
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English