The Art and Science of Hand Reading with Ellen Goldberg
Open Minds with Regina Meredtih

Your hand may hold the secrets which can reveal who you really are. In this interview with Regina Meredith, Ellen Goldberg explains various features on the hand that can help you discern which of seven archetypes holds greatest sway over your personality. Palm reading is a classical method for self-discovery which has roots that can be traced to the dawn of time. Modern science may even be able to substantiate what the hand readers’ claim, as there is a direct connection between the formation of our brains and the shape of our hands.

Psychotherapist and mystic, Ellen Goldberg has been a long time student of both Eastern and Western spiritual philosophies, including Buddhism, the Tao, Kabbalah, the Western Hermetic tradition, spiritual alchemy, nature, mindfulness meditation, and the mystic sciences of palmistry, tarot and astrology. She has combined these studies with years of psychotherapy, meditation, psychic development and contemplation. She is also the co-author of book, The Art and Science of Hand Reading.

Host: Regina Meredtih
Featuring: Ellen Goldberg
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish