Channeling THEO: Where Have All the Dragons Gone? with Sheila Gillette

Our world is far stranger than we can imagine. Ancient folklore tells of fantastical creatures like dragons, mermaids and centaurs, that we once shared the world with, and maybe still do. Perhaps they are no longer here, because they are slipping away. Not to the ravages of time, but rather staying in lower-dimensional reality as human beings progress into higher dimensions. Sheila Gillette channels the THEO group to offer a clearer picture of what these anomalies of nature are and what is happening with them.

Sheila Gillette is the world renowned spiritual medium and channel for the twelve archangels collectively known as Theo. She is the co-author of, The Soul Truth: A Guide to Inner Peace and author of, The Fifth Dimension: Channels to a New Reality as well as the co-host of the weekly internet radio show “Ask Theo Live”. Theo speaks through Sheila to guide humanity during this unprecedented shift to a higher state of consciousness.

Featuring: Sheila Gillette
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish