Astronomy in the Stone Age

Erich von Däniken: Beyond the Legend with Erich von Däniken
S1:Ep521 minsSeptember 20, 2017

Erich von Däniken explains that advanced extraterrestrial species helped ancient ancestral civilizations build stone monuments which tracked the periodic movements of the heavens. Remnants of these stone-age astronomical megaliths can be found with Stonehenge, the dolmen in French Britany and Gobekli Tepe, just to mention a few. Our forefathers in the stone age adored the night sky, but the little twinkling lights in the curtain of night were a profound mystery to them. As they found patterns in the movements of the stars and planets, they built monuments to track these arrangements. But they were not alone, as they had help from another world to construct and align massive stone structures.

Instructor/Host: Erich von Däniken
Video Language: English