Beyond the Divine Matrix

We join Gregg Braden, author of The Divine Matrix, in a comfortable setting as he explains the nature of the divine matrix. This matrix is a great field of intelligent energy that connects all things in existence, for all of time. As it connects all things, it serves as a conduit of information, a means for manifestation, and a mirror reflecting our truths. All the while, he postulates the scientific relevance of the matrix as well as the view ancient people had of the matrix.

The value of going back to the ancient traditions, and seeing the world through their eyes, is to discover things that we may have forgotten in our modern era. This includes higher levels of reality, or dimensions beyond our own world, including the spiritual realms. In addition, it seems modern quantum science is gaining a greater understanding the scope and function of the matrix, every day. These scientists may have uncovered evidence of the conscious connection we all have with the whole of existence through the divine matrix.

Featuring: Gregg Braden
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish