The Book of Love: The Cathars and the Sacred Secret of Transforming Humans into Angels

1 hr, 25 mins

William Henry discusses the ascension teaching of the Cathars of southern France for activating the spiritual capability of our spiritual DNA and connecting with the superluminal “light beyond light” that transforms us into angels on contact.

Henry sources these teaching with the Essenes of Qumran and presents persuasive evidence that, like the Essenes, the Cathars understood themselves to be in the company of mystical angels. Transformation into angel was their goal.

A prophecy says the “Book of Love” would be discovered at a preordained time – our time. Its power would be so great that all anger, jealousy and fear would vanish from our world. In this beautifully illustrated presentation, you’ll discover techniques for manifesting the Book of Love. More, you’ll discover the next best version of yourself.