Burma’s Open Road

51 mins2007

Far to the north on Burma's frontiers with China and India winds a rutted and muddy trail, the legendary Burma Road. Once it carried the treasures of the Silk Road, then in the last years of WWII it became the vital ribbon that delivered Burma from Japanese occupation only to fall into ruin as Burma closed her borders and withdrew into isolation.

We explore the lives of every day Burmese intertwined with the fortunes of the reconstruction of the Burma Road and the environmental effects it will have on one of Southeast Asia’s last remaining wildernesses. Guided by the insights of a Buddhist monk, the film offers unprecedented access into Myanmar and the plight of opium growers, soldiers, villagers, poachers and prospectors.

Where one story ends, another begins, each a separate and telling account of life in Myanmar, each connected only by their comings and goings on the road to an uncertain future. The path to Burma's peace and prosperity may commence with the rebuilding of a remote and ancient road!