The Missing Gods

A strange anomaly occurred 11,000 years ago. Groups of gods and sages appeared around the world precisely where humans suddenly discovered civilization.

Indigenous people describe these gifted people as human-like but not quite human: Followers of Horus, People of the Serpent, Sapti Rshi, Shining Ones, Offiusa, Lookers, Watchers, Hayhuaipanti, Urukehu, and Anu-naga, to name a few.

Who were these gods? Were they all connected? And have we been so obsessed with Atlantis and Lemuria that we’ve ignored other locations where this parallel civilization once dwelt? Islands such as Lapukije, Te Petaka, Ta Neterw, iw titi, and an academy called the Birthplace of the Gods? Join best-selling author Freddy Silva on a history-changing journey to the oldest navels of the Earth, including Gobekli Tepe, the Nile Valley, Yucatan, Lake Titicaca, Easter Island, and New Zealand.

Featuring: Freddy Silva
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, German, French, Spanish