Celebratory Relationships with Gay Hendricks
On the Road with Lilou with Lilou Mace

In his home office in Ohio Gay Hendricks talks with Lilou Mace about life, relationships, and the healing power of love. One of the key concepts discussed is responsibility vs. blame. He explains the importance of not blaming the other person when something goes wrong and how to take on greater responsibility for what you bring.

As complex as relationships can get, Hendricks breaks down some of the most common difficulties in relationships, such as keeping agreements, authenticity, and sharing fears. Each solution he offers has its own challenges which he addresses with clarity and deep understanding. That one great relationship only shows up when you are willing to love yourself for who you really are, even with all the faults.

Editors Note: Please note that there are some slight audio difficulties toward the end of this video.

Host: Lilou Mace
Featuring: Gay Hendricks
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English