Chris Spheeris on Creativity

What would a world without beauty and creativity be like? I think most of us would answer not worth living in. Still, how much time do we take to create beauty, be it music, drawing, sewing, woodwork, poetry, or anything at all? Some people, like Chris Spheeris, make a life of creating. Aside from selling more than a million CDs and winning awards for his music, Chris creates something new every day, from photography, gardening and poetry, to fixing old clocks, Chris says we were born to create.

What does the future hold for this artist? In his own words, “Images, musical and spiritual journeys, a celebration of life, and whatever else inspiration brings. Whatever is most inspiring to me, I work to translate into a form of expression and communication. That is my fundamental nature and my job, always has been.”

Featuring: Chris Spheeris
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English