Coming Soon: Spring - Summer 2024

Gaia brings you the world’s prominent thought leaders — scientists, researchers, teachers — who support humanity’s next evolutionary leap through their work in truth-seeking and personal transformation. You won't want to miss these upcoming shows and events.

• New Season: Season 2 of Code X with Robert Edward Grant deciphers ancient hidden clues to humanity’s full potential and dives into quantum entanglement, the nature of time, ascension, and more. • New Documentary: In The Last Shaman, a disillusioned and suicidal young man embarks on a life-saving journey into the depths of the Amazon … and his own psyche. • New Series: Chakra Cleansing Audio Meditations activate the full potential of your chakra system to create a harmonious life with emotional well-being, enhanced intuition, and realized self-esteem. • Live Event: Sacred Geometry for Higher Consciousness with Robert Gilbert, Ph.D. explores practical methods for applying the life-giving patterns of sacred geometry and activate higher levels of consciousness. • Live Event: The annual Ancient Civilizations Conference gathers the world's top scholars, researchers, and authors to explore the latest discoveries about humanity's origins. • Live Event: Gene Keys: Unlocking Your Incarnation Codes with Richard Rudd uses his breakthrough system with the ancient, living wisdom of the I Ching to help you discover your life's work and your greatest gifts. • Live Event: The annual Channeling Conference returns to GaiaSphere with awe-inspiring messages from world-renowned channels and mediums.

Audio Languages: English