Dannion Brinkley on the Making the Transition

Dannion Brinkley, is the man who survived two lightening strikes, Open Heart Surgery and Brain Surgery, and having Near Death Experiences during each event. His books have become renowned because of his down-to-Earth way of explaining the visions of what he saw on the other side, many of them from the future. Well, the future is drawing ever nearer and Dannion is speaking out. The topics of this conversation are some looming events, and the transition into physical death. He knows this well, and he and his Twilight Brigade sit at the bedsides of dying veterans every day.

In this interview, a more serious Dannion talks about what he saw during his NDEs that would affect us in 20 years time. That 20 years has been and gone and the future he saw is upon us now. This brings an interesting perspective to others that have sounded the alarm bells about our economy, our freedom and our health, as most of what Dannion tells us is remarkably similar – and remember, he saw this in his NDE experiences many years ago.

Audio Languages: English, English
Subtitles: English