David Wolfe on the Life in your Food

There may be no better way to begin a health program than listening to the words of the renowned raw food author, David Wolfe. David exemplifies the work that he does, radiating good health and passion. He explains, in this interview, the nature of natural raw foods and their healing abilities along with those from the herb kingdom such as chocolate, and more. Once you get started on a light and colorful diet, your dietary choices become easy and the weight falls off.

David Wolfe is the author of the bestselling books, Eating for Beauty, The Sunfood Diet Success System and his newest release, Naked Chocolate. He is supported in his nutrition mission by Sunfood Nutrition,™ the world’s largest distributor of books, juicers, audio/videotapes, organic beauty products, bulk organic foods, and exotic raw foods to assist people in adopting, maintaining, and enjoying plant-food-based lifestyles.

Featuring: David Wolfe
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English