Decoding Esoteric Hollywood Part 1 with Jay Dyer

In this interview with Regina Meredith, Jay Dyer decodes the esoteric secrets hidden within The Running Man, Interstellar and The Avengers, from 1998. All around us, the world is brimming with secret messages embedded within popular forms of media. If you do not know what to look for, these secret messages can be very manipulative upon mass consciousness. Exposing the imagery and story lines of in these movies helps to break the spell of domination over our lives so we can begin to reclaim control over our minds.

Jay Dyer, whose graduate work focused on the interplay of film, geopolitics, espionage and psychological warfare is the founder of JaysAnalysis which has grown to become one of the premier film and philosophy sites on the net. Jay is a public speaker, lecturer, comedian and author of the popular title, Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film. Jay has authored hundreds of articles already read by millions in just the past few years.

Featuring: Jay Dyer
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English