In her final foray into the mystical world of shamans, Anu finds renewed faith in the healing powers of the divine feminine, the potency of nature and the sacred endurance of shamans in the new age.

The harmony of nature and her people is perfectly preserved in the Kullu Valley where each aspect of nature is believed to be imbued with spirits, and Anu discovers that Himachali shamans are adept at communicating with these spirits.

A fitting end to her incredible journey is the awe-inspiring mega-festival of Dusshera, which is the largest of its kind in the Kullu Valley. Here all the shamans that Anu has encountered thus far come together and create magic that has to be seen to be believed.

Editor’s Note: 9 minutes into the video, a recap of the previous episode is shown including a ritual that involves tossing a sheep. Though it appears the animal is not harmed, some viewers may find the scene hard to watch.

Instructor/Host: Anu Malhotra
Video Language: English