Dying with No Regrets with Kitty Edwards

Inspirations with Lisa Garr
S11:Ep1456 mins

Would you like to live a life with no regrets? Shamanic practitioner Kitty Edwards, the executive director of the Living & Dying Consciously Project, shares the five life practices she follows to help her get to her death bed with no regrets. We often hear about the regrets of the dying, who say they regretted working too much and spending too little time with family. It’s an illusion to think that we will live forever in this body. If we really want to live a conscious life, we all need to be conscious about the dying process and transcend the “death phobia” in our culture.

Kitty Edwards is certified by the Institute of Energy Medicine to teach Dying Consciously: The Greatest Journey. She is the Executive Director of the Living & Dying Consciously Project and has a private practice in energy medicine.


Instructor/HostLisa Garr
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