Earth-Based, Interplanetary & Angelic Souls

Can archangels incarnate as multiple people simultaneously?

Linda Backman, a certified hypnotherapist, assists her clients in reaching a state of relaxation to open their intuition and follow their soul’s journey across lifetimes. Her 27 years of regression sessions allows for the identification and understanding of three soul designs: Earth-based, Interplanetary, and Angelic. Backman’s clients discover their soul design, archetype, and lifetime patterns, as well as clarify confusion and clear blocks for their personal mission. Explore Backman’s perspective on soul origin, spirit guides, and energetic signatures and hear from her clients in first-person footage of their regressions.

What if your soul incarnated from Moses over thousands of lifetimes on Earth, or from an evolved ET culture intent on aiding humanity, or from an angelic realm carrying the frequency of Source?

Host: George Noory
Featuring: Linda Backman
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English