Egyptian Artifacts in the Grand Canyon with Jerry Wills

The American Southwest is fraught with many tales of the strange and unusual ranging from UFO sightings to anomalous artifacts. In this interview with Regina Meredith, Jerry Wills recounts the tales of two post-Civil War explorers who discovered a cave in the Grand Canyon which bore artifacts from ancient Egyptian and Asian civilization. Artifacts which were quickly claimed by the Smithsonian Institute, never to be seen again. This may have been the fabled City of Light, a location where Inner Earth and advanced surface dwellers were thought to have met with extraterrestrial beings.

As a child, Jerry Wills was aware of energy and how it moved through all things. Like most children, he had to learn to keep his unique gifts to himself. That is until a near death experience in 1981 showed him how he was wasting his life and that he was being given a second chance. It took another 20 years for his abilities to be recognized and accepted. Now, people seek him out as he offers healing, classes, lectures and seeks to help others around the world.

Featuring: Jerry Wills
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish