Essays from the Heart: Emergence from Within

An experimental personal reportage film of a young woman on a journey to find freedom and happiness in today’s world. Breaking free from her childhood working-class environment she ventures toward the American dream, but quickly sees just as much drama and suffering beneath the drastically different surface.

Realizing freedom and happiness may not be out there somewhere, she delves deep into her inner world to face the light and dark within. Beyond the duality she finds it, peace and happiness, but does it really mean anything if it isn’t shared?

Not wanting to renounce the world or get lost in it as it is, she steps back out with more awareness and understanding. However, she is challenged by the current condition of the world; the multitude of distractions, inequalities and injustices. Persevering, she commits to being a part of the solution.

Emerging with the conviction that all life is sacred, she now believes living in alignment with this one principle could be the key to true freedom and true happiness.

Featuring: Anjula Ram, Sister Veronica, Itai Ivtzan, Fred Luskin, Howard Martin, Sister Jenna, Gopi Kailayil, Lord Richard Layard
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English