Exploring the Temples of Humankind

From the outside, any unassuming traveler would simply pass by a typical mountain among the Graian Alps in Northern Italy, completely unaware of the secrets hidden inside. However, as one passes the threshold into the interior of the mountain, seven worlds of wonder unfold as the mountain reveals its mysteries. It is a place where form and purpose align with the synchronic lines of earth energy, and the spirit is elevated in all who traverse its many splendors.

Crotalo Sesamo takes us on a photographic tour of the Temples of Humankind. From the Hall of Water, through the Labyrinth and into the Hall of Mirrors, we explore not only the art and architecture of the Temples of Humankind, but the energy that courses throughout the structure. Along the way, Crotalo explains the history, construction, and challenges faced as the dreams of its founder, Falco, came to life.

Host: Jay Weidner
Featuring: Crotalo Sesamo
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish