Fields of Light

Fields of Light provides vivid and cutting edge information where you can see visual demonstrations of the auric field’s functioning with the physical body. The Fields of Light content changes the dynamics of our comprehension and knowing because illness and disturbances manifest in the energy field before they manifest in our thoughts and physical body.

In past times, and contemporary times, artists often portrayed fields of energy as non-physical, luminous manifestations around the human body in paintings. Saints and holy people have halos, energy extending from their hands, golden auras, and sometimes symbols within the auric field. We are moving beyond the time when energy fields are limited to the vision of artists with the acceptance of energy healing, the chakra system, and awareness of the auric field.

The Fields of Light video shows how the auric field functions as a vital and natural component with normal conditions we experience throughout our everyday lives. Fields of Light shows the different energy systems, which include the primary auric field, the secondary auric field, colors in the secondary auric field, the chakras, and exchanges of energy between people and with animals, and activities that affect our energy field.

Featuring: Susan Sophia James
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English