Freedom's Gate: Decoding the Secrets of America's Temple of Ascension

What would it mean to discover that the U.S. Capitol is a secret temple of ascension, one that can be used to tap into a Higher Power? Today, it means everything!

In this lecture presentation, based on his historic book, Freedom’s Gate: The Lost Symbols in the U.S. Capitol, William Henry discloses the stunning symbolism, profound secrets and visionary (even otherworldly) message sealed in the U.S. Capitol.

Since its inception America was dedicated to the fulfillment of a high spiritual goal – the awakening, transformation and ascension of the individual to higher states of consciousness. That goal was hijacked by nefarious forces. However, the secrets of ascension were secretly encoded in the U.S. Capitol, then called the “Temple of Celestial Liberty.”

The day has come when awakened Americans must use their power and the secrets of the Temple of Celestial Liberty to reclaim America. William Henry will connect you with a powerful and transformative vision for your future and the spiritually renewed America that will inspire and enliven you with its magnificence.

Featuring: William Henry
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish