Fuel Your Health

44 mins2019

A film about the healing power of food and lifestyle, Fuel Your Health features nutrition experts, medical doctors, farmers, research scientists and best-selling authors along with others who will share their inspiring, healing stories. The documentary dives deep into subjects like the gut microbiome, the myth about fat, the fermentation revolution, lifestyle medicine as well as the optimum diet for the body and the brain. The film includes such best-selling authors as Dr. Terry Wahls, Dr. Maya Shetreat, and Sandor Katz, along with such nutritional pioneers as John Bagnulo and Dr. Mark Pettus.

Featuring: Dr. Terry Wahls, Dr. Maya Shetreat, Sandor Katz, Dr. Alessio Fasano, John Bagnulo, Dr. Mark Pettus, Dr. Cynthia Geyer, Don Crane