Gerald Cohen on The Healing Process

Health is our birthright.

Dr. Gerald Cohen came to understand, at an early stage of his education, that the healing process is far more complicated than once understood. For over 30 years, Gerald has earned a long history of successfully solving the puzzle of why people have chronic health problems and/or are functioning at a suboptimal level. Our bodies have brilliant and sophisticated regulatory systems that were designed to keep us healthy and vibrant until a very ripe old age.

In addition to his training in chiropractic medicine and homeopathy, Gerald has made a deep study of the spiritual implications involved in healing the human body. He has distilled this vast and comprehensive understanding into a system he calls the healing process.

There is so much information in this interview that we are sure you will want to watch it many times over.

Featuring: Dr. Gerald Cohen
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English