Harvey Bigelsen on Hepatitis C and Inflammation

Harvey Bigelsen has made some discoveries concerning the deadly Hepatitis C virus. His observations and clinical work is suggesting that Hepatitis C is not necessarily contracted via IV’s and other external contact. Instead, he is saying that the Human Body actually creates Hepatitis C as a result of traumatic inflammation such as surgery. Harvey also gives us a history of how the Medical Industry we have today was originally conceived.

His mission had a major breakthrough with his introduction to Gaston Naessens, a researcher who had developed a microscope to view living blood at up to sixty thousand times magnification. Bigelsen saw things moving and living in the blood that no one had ever taught him, and that medical schools in the United States still do not teach. Today, he looks at blood as the key to a patient’s path back to full and vibrant health.

Featuring: Harvey Bigelsen
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