Hollywood's Fear of the Paranormal

Fear sells at the box office, but has Hollywood distanced us from the reality of the paranormal in film classics like “The Exorcist?”

Paranormal Arts Trainer Kaedrich Olsen explains how similar energies attract and perpetuate activity through open portals between the physical and spiritual worlds. He sheds light on cases where horror cinema misses the mark in depicting exorcism, hauntings, and the poltergeist effect. Movies play a role in conflating tools like the Ouija board, and mediumship practices like seance, with demonology in popular imagination. Drawing on Olsen’s research and expertise in spiritualism, he cites real-life cases of medical conversion disorder falsely attributed to demonic possession. Olsen believes humans generate negative paranormal experiences as a product of the mind. Andrea Perron shares her real life experiences with the paranormal and explains how Hollywood exaggerated her encounters with dark forces in “The Conjuring.”

Olsen suggests shifting our thought forms around dark forces with compassion and gently releasing false projections built by tall tales exploited on the big screen will allow us to peacefully coexist with paranormal phenomena.

Host: George Noory
Featuring: Kaedrich Olsen
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English