Hooked On Food

53 mins

In recent years, eating has become a health hazard. We love our potato chips, candy, and fast food…however bad they are for our health. And we still continue to consume these products in ever greater quantities. After the war on tobacco, a new battle is underway: the fight for healthier food.

So, why do we consume so much processed food and why are we so hooked on it? How exactly does the relentless agribusiness keep us coming back for more? How does it mold our tastes, influence our cravings and feed our addictions?

The few independent researchers who dare raise concerns about processed food are often ignored. Opposite them, the giant multinationals who fund the majority of research into nutrition are highly organized and present at every level of decision making. They are even involved in government campaigns on nutrition and health.

Rémi, our French-American reporter, will investigate current eating habits in Europe and America, and meet those involved in this new global food war. We will hear from scientists tracking sugar addiction, the businessmen playing on our weaknesses, legal experts preparing to challenge the might of the industry, and the simple lovers of good food.

A compelling documentary that reveals the latest ways the agribusiness is trying to tempt us, and the ways we, as consumers, can try to resist.

Featuring: Rémy Burkel,Sylvie Deleule,Laure Noualhat