The Gurus Explore
S1:Ep843 mins2007Guest: Trevor Chocrane, Mellisa King, Neville Passmore, Nigel Ruck

The gurus have come to Japan, specifically to the island of Honshu. With over 3,000 islands that make up Japan, Honshu is very special. It is home to Kyoto, the ancient capital, and it is one of the most beautiful cities on earth. It is the cradle of Japanese culture and religion with over 2,000 temples and shrines.

Kiyomizudera temple overlooking the city of Kyoto has been recognized by UNESCO as a place of exceptional cultural heritage. The Kayhia Museum was established to preserve the history of Japan’s national sport, Sumo Wrestling. Zen Buddhism has been very influential in shaping the philosophy and even the gardens of the people of Japan. Designed way back in 1632 the Konshi garden in Kyoto is full of Zen design cues if you know where to look. Other destinations include the Philosopher’s Path, the Hotel Ganvia and Hemiki castle. This is only the beginning of the adventure.

Featuring: Trevor Chocrane, Mellisa King, Neville Passmore, Nigel Ruck
Video Language: English