Leonid Sharashkin on Anastasia and The Ringing Cedars Series

Many of us know that something is terribly wrong with the unnatural way in which we are living on the Earth. We have created an artificial environment for life in virtually every way, including and especially for our food supplies. The deepening crisis of manufactured foods and its effect on the human body and mind is evidenced everywhere. Leonid Sharashkin is a life-long gardener from Russia. He is also the publisher of the Ringing Cedar series of books about the wisdom of a Siberian woman named Anastasia. The stories are profound and have left everybody wondering who Anastasia is.

Many people ask if Anastasia is real. Leonid answers simply, that it doesn’t really matter whether there is a human being called Anastasia somewhere in the Siberian Taiga, as long as the information connects with the part of all of us that is all-knowing. Once you read the books, you will “know.”

Featuring: Leonid Sharashkin
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