Lilou Talks with Larry Dossey, Part 1
Lilou Mace

Starting the Juicy Living Tour USA, Lilou Mace joins Larry Dossey at his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Larry Dossey explains how he pursued his passion of understanding the role of consciousness and spirituality in health and healing even though it was once a taboo subject in his profession as a surgeon. He discovered that bodily functions are just one aspect of who we are, and that if we solely focus on the body, then the healing practice is inadequate.

Dr. Dossey explains that the function of consciousness could not exist in the brain, as consciousness can do things that the grain cannot do. As science becomes more aware of this, the future of medicine will be a roller coaster ride as the technology will be more personalized and address the importance of consciousness as a factor in the healing process.

Concluding this interview, Dr. Dossey explains what it means, to him, to live a ‘Juicy’ life and offers a bit of advice and hope for the direction of our species.

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Host: Lilou Mace
Featuring: Larry Dossey
Audio Languages: English