Lilou Visits Caroline Myss
Lilou Mace

A positive attitude may not be enough to navigate the waters of our modern society. Lilou Mace visits Caroline Myss at her home in Chicago, IL, as part of her Juicy Living Tour USA, to talk about the end of the age of reason. Reason is no longer enough to overcome all of the challenges we now face in the world today. We need to learn to open our hearts on the spiritual, mystical level as part of our day to day operations.

What does this mean? The heart knows. It is a deep compassion brought on by being present and finding god in all the details of your life. Listen for the tiny voice present in every moment of your life. At the close, Caroline Myss shares a prayer on truth and recognizing the sacred in your life.

Host: Lilou Mace
Featuring: Caroline Myss
Audio Languages: English