Love by the Numbers with Glynis McCants

Everything in the universe can be measured by numbers, including your purpose in life and compatibility with certain people. It all starts with learning to create your numerological blueprint based upon your name and birth date. Glynis McCants joins James Van Praagh to explain how you can use numerology to forge better connections with the people in your life. She offers quick readings to help several audience members gain an introspective glimpse into their numerological influences. Then a live studio audience receives spirit readings.

A mother-in-law comes to thank her daughter-in-law for respecting her things, and asks to be sure her things go to people who will really appreciate them. Clifton’s father says he is still involved with everyone’s lives and his sister’s trip to Mexico is a gift from him. Elizabeth reconnects with her mother who expresses her gratitude for everything being just right for her passing. She shares memories of vacations and says she is very happy now in the afterlife.

Featuring: Glynis McCants
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English