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Lucy Wyatt on Approaching Chaos

October 2010S6:Ep3851 mins
Guest: Lucy Wyatt

Author Lucy Wyatt explores the cycles in which the rise and fall of empires drives our evolution and devolution. In her book, Approaching Chaos, she also speaks of the Roman Empire as the fall of humankind’s spiritual consciousness.

Approaching Chaos examines an alternative: an ancient archetype dating from the Bronze Age that helped cities exist in harmony with Nature. This archetype influenced the ancient Greeks and Romans, often mistakenly admired as examples of civilized societies. Aspects of the archetype re-emerged at the time of the Gothic cathedrals, and again in the Renaissance. Now, is the time to re-connect with the original model for us to have a future.

Instructor/Host: Regina Meredith
Featuring: Lucy Wyatt
Video Language: English