Marilyn Nyborg on Gathering the Women

Numerous women have contacted Marilyn Nyborg describing the same vision: that we needed to begin to gather the women of the world. Though these women came from diverse backgrounds, they all shared a deep passion for awakening the power of women in service of a better world. As one solution in the global movement toward balance, Marilyn Nyborg, and a handful of other women, created a platform for change called, Gather the Women.

Marilyn Says this group, which is gathering steam around the world, does not fit the profile of any other women’s organizations, in that they do not have an agenda. They simply gather together, uplift and encourage one another, and allow the women’s strength to begin showing in the outside world in its own unique way. Marilyn says it’s time for the story of women’s value to change which can be difficult in an unconscious world that equates being feminine with weakness.

Featuring: Marilyn Nyborg
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