Jill Kuykendall on Soul Retrieval

Have you ever suffered a serious accident, emotional trauma or loss from which feel you never fully recovered from the sense of having lost a part of yourself? Jill Kuykendall’s life’s work is helping people recover those lost parts with an ancient practice called soul retrieval.

Among indigenous people, it is generally understood that traumatic life experiences can fragment our inner, vital essence (soul) resulting in the loss or disassociation of soul parts that leave, carrying the burden of pain, shock, extreme emotion or memory of a trauma that are unbearable to the sufferer at the time. This fragmentation can occur in response to an obvious life trauma (post-traumatic stress syndrome experienced by military veterans is a classic example), or from a subtle troubling experience so personal to an individual that no one else would know that a trauma had occurred.

Featuring: Jill Kuykendall
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