Meet the Hybrids: A Conversation About the Mantis Beings

Reuben Interviews Robert Fullington and Jacquelin Smith, who both claim to be Human/E.T. hybrids with a percentage of their DNA coming from the Mantis Being race. The Mantis Beings or Mantoids are a mysterious race of praying mantis–looking beings that seem to be benevolent and heavily involved with human affairs.

Reuben, having had his own personal contact from this race, got to speak to Robert and Jacquelin about his experience and corroborate his with theirs. Both Robert and Jacquelin have recently been featured by Meguel Mendonca and Barbara Lamb in the book Meet the Hybrids, and they were speaking about the book and their experiences at the 2016 International UFO Congress, where the interview took place.

Featuring: Robert Fullington, Jackuelin Smith, Reuben Langdon
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English